Monday, November 21, 2005

When to fight?

Our son is entering a stage in life when lots of the boys are starting to feel their oats.

He's a strong, tough kid; but he's never been in a real fight. Playing hockey, he's a physical, fast player, but he's not one of the guys to take a lot of penalties; he plays a clean game.

Nonetheless, he's starting to run into more kids who want to challenge him. Today, during a recess football game, he was tripped to the ground and then kicked in rapid succession by one of the boys. He stood up, and pushed the kid away. The kid doing the kicking is an okay kid, same grade, but way smaller than Matt. The kid thinks he's tough, or at least he's trying to act that way...

So, I'm wondering: when it would be okay for Matt to fight back?

If the same kid comes back again and charges him, and Matt pushes him away again, that would make two times, counting today. So, if the kid comes back a third time, and Matt pushes him away, and this time raises his fists in a defensive posture, warning the kid to stay away, would that be okay?.

Then, if the kid charges one more time, and throws the first punch, and Matt blocks his punch, and then slugs him one time in the stomach, would the kid have it coming? Or should Matt just keep blocking the kids punches and pushing him away? That's the question. I guess if he did that, the other kid would look kind of silly.

As a twelve year old, at what point do you fight back? I ask this figuring if things continue on their current path, we may all be sitting down soon with the school principal...

Meanwhile, on the hockey front, the Affton "Gold Division" House Peewees (the place where lots of South City Kids play their ice hockey), remain undefeated in league play, having just completed a home and home weekend series sweep against their St. Louis County Chesterfield Falcons rivals.

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