Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Life without Hwy 40

I just read a desperate email posted to the StLouist about the proposed closing of Highway 40 for reconstruction.

The poster wrote that without Hwy 40, he and many other St. Louis area residents couldn't even find their way into the City. "You might as well close the Zoo" he said.

If there's one thing St. Louis offers, it's alternate routes. Does the proposed closing of Highway 40 mean the end of the civilized world as we know it? Or could it break some lifelong St. Louisans of their highway driving routines, helping them to learn their way around more like non-natives?


Michael Allen said...

I won't miss what I don't use. I drive I-40 west of Hampton perhaps seven-ten times a year.

I run into worse traffic on I-44 than on I-40, which does not bode well for rerouting traffic but does suggest that I-40's volume isn't as high as people suggest.

But St. Louisans love them some I-40. I recall the uproar over the Eagleton Courthouse, which cut off West Countians' 65-mph drive-by views of the Arch.

Joe said...

Oh Michael...

It's US 40/I-64. I-40 is in Arkansas, Oklahoma, etc.

Anyway, I agree - close it, maybe people will (re)learn alternate routes.

Urban Review - St. Louis said...

It is funny how we forget alternative routes with highways around. Now that I'm using my scooter more often and going further on it I'm looking for routes to get places. Yet highway construction and other changes to our street system have made alternative routes less easy to travel.

stlmark said...

I drive from Holly Hills to Chesterfield every day. ~22 miles one way. I think old 40 needs a facelift, so I'm willing to accept it. I hope they don't destroy too many old buildings in the City that are in the easements. Great point about alternated routes. I'll take 44.