Monday, March 27, 2006

Eisele's Would Be Proud

Eisele's Black Forest on Cherokee and the Bavarian Inn at Gravois and Arsenal were two long-time German restaurant standards on the city's south side. Years ago, the Black Forest closed, followed some years later by the Bavarian Inn. Now, I don't think you can find a German restaurant in the city.

Not far from where the Black Forest and Bavarian Inn were located, a new restaurant has opened bringing added life to the city's Tower Grove East neighborhood. It's called "Pestalozzi Place", located at the corner of Virginia and Pestalozzi in a beatifully renovated, one hundred-plus year old building. We visited Pestalozzi Place for the second time this weekend.

I had the stuffed pork chop. The chop was stuffed with fresh spinach and andouille sausage. Delicious (and our server's favorite)! For a city built by lots of Germans, it's hard to find a good German meal in town.

Pestalozzi Place isn't known as a German restaurant, but their stuffed pork chop would make a fine addition to the menu of a German restaurant anywhere!


Anonymous said...

You can find a German Rest. also in Lafayette Square located on Chouteau and Park area. St. Louis Gast Haus 1740 Chouteau 314-621-4567. The food is excellent. pjoz

stlmark said...

Bevo Mill offers some traditional German cuisine. Also, G&W sausage at Parker and Kingshighway is a Bavarian Sausage place. Lots of hard to find German treats and they offer you a Busch beer when you are waiting in line. This is the only place where I consistenly hear German being spoken.