Friday, March 24, 2006

Teen Sex

St. Louis leads the country in V.D. cases. This stat probably has more to do with our goofy "city in a donut" status, but is a bad thing regardless.

Yesterday marked Matt's 13th birthday. In the past week, we've heard stories about two young teenage girls becoming pregnant. Teens having unprotected sex is probably the number one reason.

Blame the boys and to some degree the girls? Mostly the boys. Rumor has it that the impregnating boy of one the pregnant girls mentioned above is bragging to his friends about it.

Hormones are raging for the kids in Matt's seventh grade class. Phone calls from girls and "instant messaging" is a daily routine.

Girls have crushes on Matt, and he has crushes back. As a parent, trying to pull in the reigns on these young romances probably just makes them more alluring to the kids involved.

Add to that the peer pressure and a culture that pushes casual sex, and these kids are facing a tough challenge for the next few years.

Maybe all-boy and all-girl schools would lessen the pressure on them?


JK said...

Your comment is timely. We are having a horrible time with our son. He turned 13 in January and, honestly, he has girls hunting him down. Like they are in heat or something!

We've talked to him and he got really emotional and said that all the kids in his school are moving too fast. I felt bad for him.

I also have 2 daughters 12 and 10. The 12 year old has NO interest in boys.

I'm just wondering if it has something to do with the magic number 13???

Anyway, good luck and maybe we can share parenting advice.


Anonymous said...

Teens having sex would be the number one reason for teen pregnancy. I would say.