Monday, May 08, 2006

Writing Class

A flier came home with Matt from the league organizers of one of his sports teams. It was announcing the opportunity to purchase tickets to a game at the new Busch. However, it also noted that ticket availability for the annual youth promotion would be reduced this year by a yet undetermined amount.

"Reduced ticket availability at the new Busch for youth group promotional dates."

If there's a story here, how would you present it? The Cardinals might write about the continuation of their youth day promotions. The Post might run another angle. I wonder what they'd teach you in writing class. There are lots of possibilities.

Speaking of possibilities, the choices for St. Louis baseball fans are increasing as summer approaches.

With high school leagues winding down, American Legion ball is getting ready to start. The Gateway Grizzlies and the River City Rascals are about to open their minor league seasons. And weekends to Memphis or Springfield to see the players coming up through the Cardinals minor league system are an option.

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