Friday, July 14, 2006

Riding Against Traffic

For the past few weeks, my route to the office has been changed to drop off kids at a summer school program near Forest Park. As a result, I'm getting on eastbound Highway 40 at Kingshighway.

Three times now, I've passed bicycle riders heading westbound on the shoulder of eastbound Highway 40. I've seen them in the vicinity of Market Street/Bernard and Vandenventer.

As odd as it is to see these wrong-way bike riders during rush hour, the cyclists appear totally at ease.

In some states, there are rules that if a highway is the shortest route between two points, you can ride your bike on the interstate, but always with the flow of traffic.

Typically you see highway bike riders in rural areas where alternate routes are not available. That's not the case in the city of STL. We have literally thousands of alternate routes.

If you're on east bound Highway 40 in STL, keep an eye out for these highway bike riders.


Travis Reems said...

Not only do the cyclists have other, safer choices, but legal choices as well, as non-motorized vehicles are illegal on Missouri highways.

Maire said...

It just sticks in my craw how bike riders do crap like that which then results in someone not like Rick commenting (which usually means expletives and yelling) at the next cyclist riding by. *grrrr* And really HOW DUMB is it to ride against traffic! Okay, rant done. I'm good...if you see a BigShark gal with red pigtails and a single calf tat riding appropriately, that's me!