Monday, July 31, 2006

"Right Here in St. Louis"

This saying, made memorable in the film Meet Me In St. Louis, is appropos of so many things.

It comes to mind whenever we experience another "St. Louis moment". StL moments are those unexpected, random acts of neighborly kindness between neighbors or total strangers.

They are also moments in time in special places, like a train ride at the Zoo, a neighborhood parade or block party, or when open fall windows echo cheers up and down the block after a late September Cardinal home run.

It's neighbors checking on neighbbors when the power is out. And it's the ensuing neighborhood gatherings out on the sidewalk, sharing an iced-down cold one.

It's right here, in STL.

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Travis Reems said...

Speaking of neighbors and block parties, don't forget that tomorrow night (August 1st) is National Night Out. If your neighborhood isn't having a party, please come join us in the Mount Pleasant Park for a parade, free prizes, raffles, and fun!