Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Isringhausen Must Go

Jason Isringhausen has been a weak link for the Cardinals all season, but last nite's blown save and loss to the Mets takes things to a new low.

Izzy's "batting practice" pitch to Carlos Beltran in the bottom of the ninth, leading to a 2-run, walk off home run, cost the Cardinals the game, and blew an all-star performance by Sir Albert.

Pujols was carrying the team on his back with seven RBIs, including two home runs, one a grand slam. Izzy gave it all away when he grooved that pitch to Beltran.

Cardinal fans deserve better. The new stadium was part of a package supported by St. Louisans to keep the Cardinals competitive and downtown. Cardinal ownership needs to hold up their end of the deal and field a solid closer.


Anonymous said...

"Cardinal ownership needs to hold up their end of the deal and field a solid closer."

Card's owners need to field a a solid TEAM. That was a pathetic performance by Izzy. Albert was ticked off walking off the field and down the bench. You could see it in his body language.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the ownership of the Cardinals ponied up most of the money to build the new stadium. Thus, they don't necessarily owe us anything. Just playing Devil's Advocate.

Anonymous said...

How is it that PNC field in Pittsburg cost about half the cost of the new Busch Stadium?

It sure doesn't look half as nice.

stlmark said...

That defeat was heart wrenching. I agree, Izzy must go. The Cards ownership acted as shameless capitalists when they sold everything from signage to seats to urinals out of the old stadium. Why couldn't they pony up and get us some pitching? And their marketing campaingn is baseball heaven? I'm surprised they didn't make an offer to Brad Lidge when the Astros were shopping him around.

Anyhow, I am down on management for not bolstering this team down the stretch. I am also skeptical that they will develop the ballpark village.

Let's go Mulder! We need him badly.

Anonymous said...

Lidge has been just as inconsistent for the Astros. It's possible a change of scenery could have sharpened him, but MLB-wide the closers this season have been dropping saves left & right.