Thursday, August 24, 2006

While Mets Pound Mulder...

...New Yorkers Still Have Heart For St. Louis.

If you're reading this from a New York deli, what do you think would be the perfect mix for Ballpark Village?


Anonymous said...

when will they break ground for the Ballpark Village?

Are there any tenants signed yet?

Anonymous said...

I hope they get something started soon. "Ballpark Village" looks like scorched earth. And, what's with that cheesy Cardinal team store trailer at the corner of Broadway and Walnut?

The city has closed off the right turn lane from Walnut to southbound Broadway with MoDOT barrels to accomodate an entrance to the temporary store.

However, no one ever seems to go in to the temporary store (there's a new one in the stadium anyway), while St. Louis drivers headed for southbound Broadway during rush hour are stuck on Walnut behind Illinois drivers headed for the Poplar Street Bridge.

Why not move the trailer back a few feet (onto Ballpark Village dirt) and reopen the right turn lane?

That trailer store looks strange and cheap compared to the brand new stadium a few hundred feet away.

Someone with a sense of humor and a digital camera could take a picture of the temporary trailer with the stadium in the background, give it a caption of "Welcome to Ballpark Village" and have some fun at the expense of the Cardinals and the City.

Anonymous said...

OK. So the space looks scorched. They haven't broken ground yet, of course.

But are we nuts?

When you add the $400+ million from the new Busch Stadium to the $600+ mil planned for Ballpark Village, even we St. Louisans know that adds up to ... $1billion dollars. When was the last time $1 billion was spent in downtown St. Louis? Wow.

Here are some thoughts to wet the whistle of development fans and baseball fans:

How about 1000+ lofts with a bird's eye view over the left field bleachers? Kind of like Wrigley -- only modern and many more options.

How about leaving the ballpark to eat at a super collection of local gems and national chains? Again, watch the game from a raised roost. Can you say ESPN Zone? Maybe JBucks and/or similar?

How about looking out your office window and watching the game, entertaining clients? I heard something like 400,000 sq. ft. of grade A.

How about a grocery store? A park? Maybe some chic boutique retailers?

Of course, the Cardinals are the hook. Baseball heaven. But it is a neighborhood -- finally -- in downtown St. Louis. What's not to like?

Travis Reems said...


Now THAT'S the type of positive thinking we need a bit more of in this City! Great ideas!

Anonymous said...

ground isn't broken??

Lots of dreams here that look like they are going to be.