Friday, August 25, 2006

Kudos to CIN

The City of Louis Community Information Network, or "CIN" for short, has created an interactive feature that gives visitors and locals a wonderful directory of the many interesting things to see and do around all parts of the City.

Check out the CIN's list of "Must See" Attractions in St. Louis.


Travis Reems said...

Soulard is as well known inside and outside this city as the Hill is. Area 7 would be much better titled as the "Soulard area attractions," rather than the "Near Southside."

Rick Bonasch said...

Soulard is a famous area. Still, I like the way the map breaks the city down into larger chunks.

Joe said...

Hi Rick and Travis:

I compiled most of those listings 5+ years ago, and updated them most recently about a year ago.

As for the boundaries -- you'll noticed it was a very approximate attempt to group adjacent neighborhoods using official boundaries as the basis. So it looks a little wacky in places.

The 'near Southside' category includes not just Soulard, but also Lafayette Square and Benton Park. It's kind of hard to categorize things like that, one-level up from neighborhood but not citywide. I did the best I could at the time. But perhaps the labels could be reconsidered.