Friday, September 15, 2006

"Children of Garbage Collectors" Send Message

Our son Matt is in 8th grade, which means now is crunch time when it comes to making a high school decision. And we're no nearer to finalizing the process than we were this time last year.

There are tons of issues to consider. Having listened to others and now living through the experience, we are learning first hand about the whole "where did you go to high school" tradition. It's definitely not the only option, but we are considering a parochial high school.

With thirty to choose from, the St. Louis area, just a middle-sized region, has the greatest number of Catholic high schools in the country. Tuition ranges from about $5,400 to over $14,000 per year.

In St. Louis, there's a lot of high school pride, tradition, and some social stair climbing, when it comes to where you attended high school, where your parents attended, etc.

Yesterday I heard a funny comment about how the students from one of the more affordable high schools in St. Louis trounced the kids at one of the most elite, expensive high schools in athletic competition. Parents from the expensive school were stunned at how the "children of garbage collectors" kicked the butts of their ivy-league bound youngsters.

I wish I could have seen it. I wish Matt could have seen it. Underdogs in St. Louis have a fighting chance. And where they attend high school doesn't have a thing to do with it.


Anonymous said...

Some of your other choices:

Beaumont High School
Career Academy High
Central VPA High School
Cleveland NJROTC School
Gateway IT High School
Meda P.Washington Education Center
Metro Academic and Classical HS
Roosevelt High School
Soldan IS High School
Sumner MEGA High School
Vashon High School

Travis Reems said...

Keep in mind that the Cleveland NJROTC program is currently at Pruitt, until we can restore the Castle to bring the cadets home.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in the county, went to a high school in the county and now live in the city for the past 18 years or so. Ran into a high school classmate who grew up in the city and his comment was - "you guys talked trash to me for 4 years and now alot of you are living here." Personally, I don't remember talking trash to him, but I do remember a "better than you" attitude that I wish I could take back now.