Tuesday, September 05, 2006

STL Rising-Total Access

For the past two months we procrastinated about buying tickets to last nite's Steely Dan/Michael McDonald concert at UMB Bank Pavillion. Just a couple of weeks ago, friends from California emailed us about buying tickets. They missed the show there, and were thinking about flying here to see it. St. Louis would be the last stop on the tour.

As of yesterday morning, we had no tickets and the show date had arrived. It's the last minute, and we decide to take the plunge. We drove out to UMB (about 25 minutes from South City), walked up to the box office (no line), and bought three lawn tickets.

We planned on returning to UMB early to get a good place in line for our lawn seats. We arrived at 4:20 PM, and were first in line (nobody camped out). When the gates opened, we made our way to the lawn, and got the perfect front row, center lawn seats.

Across the "depressed section", dividing the lawn from the seating section (about 40 feet away from us), people were paying upwards of $200 per ticket on the secondary market. Our California friends saw tickets for the front few rows selling for $500 online.

But right here in St. Louis, it's still possible to wait until the "day of", buy your tickets at the box office, invest a little time waiting in line, and enjoy an excellent concert with minimal to no hassle.

Accessibility: it's one of the perks to living in the STL.


Anonymous said...

I heard it was a good show. But how long did it take you to get out of UMB? Was the sound alright on the lawn?

Rick Bonasch said...

The lot attendants directed us to a space which was right next to the exit gate...being in the front of the line apparently has its privileges!

I remember the old days, sitting on the dusty, unpaved Riverport parking lot, waiting over an hour to exit. The last few times we've attended, exiting the parking lot hasn't been a problem.

The sound and show were excellent. We were in the front and center of the lawn, so we had a great view and perfect stereo and volume. However, for most of the show, I watched the high definition jumbotrons.

Those are cool, but with all the saliva projecting from the mouth of Michael McDonald during his singing, I wonder how much better off we are watching things in HD.