Friday, September 08, 2006

Downtown Runway Rising

Early this Friday morning, workers in front of the downtown Macy's have closed off the 600 block of Olive, and are erecting a stage for some sort of high profile, celebration.

For the past two weeks, construction crews have been working to install sharp new Macy's awnings on the Railway Exchange, replace all the glass and upgrade the interiors of the sidewalk window displays, and remodel the 1st floor space of store interior.

Yesterday, red Macy's stars were painted in the street, and workers were rehearsing for an Olive Street block party.

Just in time for fall, check out downtown for some new retail excitement.

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Travis Reems said...

This is just what St. Louis needs. Eventhough many of us will miss Famous Barr, their seemingly weekly sales, and otherwise good prices, it is good that Macy's is investing in St. Louis and wanting to be a good neighbor.