Tuesday, October 31, 2006

City In The City

News readers on the Big 550, KTRS, were discussing the recent crime report which puts St. Louis on top as the most dangerous city in the nation. The news people were asking, "Do you feel safe downtown". Most replied "yes".

One caller asked for the news people to give their definition of "downtown". George Woods, the anchor, stated he included the entire city of St. Louis when he thinks of downtown. Others in the studio were debating the defintion. Is it Washington Avenue? Does it include outer neighborhoods? They were pretty vague on city geography.

Downtown is one of 79 offical city neighborhoods, and represents about 5 percent of the city's land area. It's also one of the safest neighborhoods. For a different angle, it would be good to hear interviews with leaders from St. Louis' neighboring communities.

A couple possible questions to ask..."What would happen to the crime rate in the city if it were merged with its adjacent communities? Would that be good move for the region?"


Michael Allen said...

One thing that's missing from national news are comparisons of average regional crime rates.

I think St. Louis' regional crime rate is pretty average.

Anonymous said...

Actually, our regional crime rate is very low on the list.

Aren't we about the 14th largest metro area?

I think our region ranks 68th in crime rates.

samizdat said...

I once worked with a guy who called everything inside I-270 "the City". He lived in Jeffco. I wonder if the schmuck on the radio lives in West STL county or St. Chuck. Funny peoples.