Thursday, October 12, 2006

STL Rising: More Taxis For Downtown?

Yesterday I left the house without a jacket, unaware the temperatures were about to plunge. Then around noon, I had an appointment on the other side of downtown. An easy fifteen minute walk, but with just a shirt and no jacket, it'd be a chilly one.

What about more cabs downtown? Yesterday I would have loved to take a cab, but there are hardly any around. And the ones you do see are mostly looking for airport fares. Nothing annoys a cabbie more than getting a short ride fare when he's waiting for a $25 airport fare.

Cabs buzzing around downtown livens the street. Riding in cabs is fun. It's romantic. It's a city experience. Do you think there'd be cabbies interested if they could get a downtown district license?


kopper said...

I've actually seen a few of those new European-style Checker cabs downtown lately, although when you NEED one... ;)

Anonymous said...

I saw one over near Ohio and Gravois-but never downtown.

Wasn't thrilled with the mostly black and some yellow color combination. Cabs ought to be a little more bright in their display. The mini-European design was cool though.

Do cabs in the city have assigned territories?

I know only certain cabs can go in and out of the airport.

What about downtown?

Could the city grant an exclusive for downtown cabs similar to the arrangements some cab companies get to service the airport?