Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Newcomers Guide to St. Louis

To encourage people to put St. Louis on their list of places to live or visit, we need to make sure we are sending the right message. If you were in charge of marketing the St. Louis area to potential businesses, college graduate, or relocating households, how would you do it?

We developed the Cool St. Louis list, and it needs to be updated.

We now have an emerging riverfront, the Arch grounds on the mend, and Chouteau's landing.

If you come to St. Louis, you get your choice of slogans. My favorite is St. Louis: A beer town with a baseball problem.

Music halls are on the increase, including the Old Rock House and the Lucas School House.

We are an old city with many traditions. From football to wierd parades.

Alternative media is alive and well. And we have our share of paranormal activities.

From a marketing standpoint, there are lots of angles for good promotion. Maybe outlining things like chapters in a book would be a good place to start?


Dan said...

STL Sound Magazine is going to market a brand for the music portion of Saint Louis.

"STLSound Around Town" - which will be a joint effort between all the musicians and music venues. So there is one good start. or

Driver said...

St. Louis is an arts town. You can immerse yourself in theatre, music of all kinds, visual art. I wish there were a Juilliard or Berkeley school here to make the region an arts magnet. SIUE is a bit far; Webster too obscure (at least for music).

Maybe like a Zoo Museum District linking jazz at SIUE and Webster, Mizzou for written arts, etc. I'm not educated about which schools are visual and performing arts oriented.

Add to that the relatively low cost of living and incredible spaces to live in, and SL could be the Paris of the West, instead of Rome of the West.

I'm a transplant, but I think St. Louis is rich in many things that matter, more than any place I've ever lived. It's ALL here.