Monday, January 18, 2010

"Extreme Makeover - Riverfront Edition"


St. Louis, Missouri

"Extreme Makeover - Riverfront Edition", a new reality show based in St. Louis, Missouri, begins production this month for airing in the spring of 2010. "Extreme Makeover - Riverfront Edition" will showcase the efforts of the National Park Service and the City of St. Louis to revitalize the historic Mississippi Riverfront, the Gateway Arch, and downtown St. Louis. "Extreme Makeover - Riverfront Edition" creates a rare opportunity for the public from across the country to participate in this exciting project.

In 1965, the final section of Eero Saarinen's masterpiece, the Gateway Arch, was installed, creating a landmark commemorating the westward expansion of the United States. Saarinen, a relative unknown at the time, made his mark on St. Louis and the international scene with his modernist Arch design masterprice. Saarinen was the unlikely winner of an international design competition held to create a landmark monument for the St. Louis riverfront.

Nearly fifty years later, "Extreme Makeover - Riverfront Edition" aims to renew that world-wide excitement by bringing forward the best possible ideas for reconnecting the historic St. Louis riverfront, the Arch, and downtown St. Louis. In an era where sustainable communities, valuing diversity, and a return to cities is becoming an increasingly popular lifestyle of choice, "Extreme Makeover - Riverfront Edition" will give viewers the opportunity to experience the process of community renewal first hand, while also maximizing public participation in the process.

A variety of interested governmental, non-profit, commercial and neighborhood groups are working together to remake the historic riverfront and Arch grounds. These efforts are being led by a collaboration of St. Louis and national leaders focused on a dramatic, transformative effort for the Arch, riverfront, and downtown St. Louis. "Extreme Makeover - Riverfront Edition" will add major public relations and community participation dimensions to the process. Each week, show producers will highlight participants in the project and viewers will be able to text their votes for the teams and design ideas they like the best.

While focusing on the Arch design competition, "Extreme Makeover - Riverfront Edition" will also profile the St.Louis community, a city famous for its historic riverfront, jazz and blues music, great restaurant scene, and strong neighborhood traditions.

DISCLAIMER - So as to avoid similar confusion attributed to the RFT's parody story about project design at Ballpark Village, "Extreme Makeover - Riverfront Edition" is not really going into production for airing this spring or anytime soon. We wish it was! Our aim is get more people talking about the exciting potential of the Arch Design Competition for transforming downtown St. Louis!

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Anonymous said...

The "design competiton" is garbage, a behind-the-scenes power move by the imperial and supremely tasteless danforths and their lackeys, the post-dispatch, to mutilate one of the great urban landscape masterpieces in the US and to clutter-up precious parkland in this overbuilt city.