Friday, January 22, 2010

Neighborhood Association Promotes Architectural Guidelines

With the help of an architectural student, the City of St. Louis, and a local urban planner, the Southwest Garden Neighborhood Association has established a set of recommended architectural guidelines to foster new development and existing building renovations, "The Southwest Garden Neighborhood Association's Suggested Architectural Guidelines for Exterior Facades".

Washington University architecture graudate Christopher Rehwoldt, St. Louis urban planner and SLU graduate Steve Patterson, and the City of St. Louis Planning and Urban Design Agency collaborated on the design project. Use of the guidelines is not mandatory but is intended to aid in the development of residential properties that are both aethestically pleasing and economically viable.

Strong and clear community design standards are an important resource for maintaining and improving the quality of our neighborhoods. Congratulations to all involved in taking this step toward guiding future community improvement efforts in the Southwest Garden neighborhood. It will be interesting to see if other neighborhoods follow similar efforts.

For additional information about the Southwest Garden neighborhood, visit the neighborhood's website or contact its executive director, Dana Gray, telephone (314) 772-6082.

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