Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Locations for Transit Oriented Developments

There has been an increase locally in the efforts to construct higher density housing near transit stations. A partnership between McCormack Baron Salazar and Bi-State is working on a mixed use housing and retail development on the surface lot accross from the DeBaliviere Metrolink Station.

What about the area adjacent to the bus stop/passenger drop off area at the Metrolink station at Manchester in Maplewood? When they built the parking/drop off area, they regraded a large area next to the site. It seems like a great location for a transit oriented development. Any Maplewood experts know about the prospects for T-O-D there?


Jennifer said...

If you're talking about the area I think you are, at the same time we were building the new bus loop, the City of Maplewood constructed soccer fields next to the transit station. Those fields are brand new so I doubt they will be going anywhere anytime soon!

There's already a grocery store, day care, public library, high school, several other businesses and a lot of homes that are right in the station radius, though, so I'd say the Maplewood station actually has a lot denser development footprint than several others right now.

Rick Bonasch said...

Thanks for the reply Jennifer. The site I'm referring to lies directly north of the bus loop, so you're probably right.

Here's another possibility. What about the site of the old Laclede Gas storage tanks near the Shrewsbury Metrolink Station?

The old "gasometers" are being removed now. They're mostly gone already. I wonder if there are any plans for the future of that property?

Kara said...

The area around Grand and Chouteau would be excellent for TOD.