Thursday, April 01, 2010

Boulevard plan adds value to downtown, City to River says

Learn more at this event tonight: City Affair, 7:30 pm, Morgan Street Brewery, Laclede's Landing

Image courtesy City to River. Click for expanded view.


Anonymous said...

How about a live blog for us out-of-towners? Ha. Just fooling (kind of)...a detailed recap ought to do it. Let us know who participated too. I'd be anxious to hear whether any movers and/or shakers are actively involved.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous here again...just following up on my previous post. Will there be any post on the Morgan Street meeting?

I (and others, likely) who can't go to these events would love to know what went down, what was discussed and what consensuses, if any, were reached.

Rick Bonasch said...

The meeting was positve and informative. Probably 50 people attended. A contact sheet was distributed for people wanting to get involved. The best place for information about the City to River effort is: