Friday, April 16, 2010

Tokyo Meets St. Louis

I have never been to Tokyo, but from the images and stories you see on TV, it seems like a highly energetic place with lots of cool high tech gadgets and electronic stuff mixed into the environment. Now St. Louis has something like that right here.

At the corner of 8th and Olive, across the street from the Old Post Office and a block from the new Schnuck's Culinaria, there's an interactive video game installed in the storefront window of the Alexa Lofts building. I tried it. It works.

People on the sidewalk play the game by touching the windows and activating the flat screen panels. It's a flashy, high-tech production, and you can win prizes including value towards discounted air travel.


Kevin Barbeau said...

Very interesting. I'll be home in a week -- I'll have to try it out. Now if only the Alexa could give us a virtual Dooley's to replace the one that was forced/bought out.

Anonymous said...

Got back into town yesterday and immediately tried this out. Pretty fun - it's a kind of Simon Says game. It was even more fun watching the reactions of folks walking by or stopping to watch. A couple of them commented that they had wanted to give it a try, but were self-conscious about standing out there and poking at a window. Hopefully I helped them get over their embarassment...