Friday, April 09, 2010

New Sign of City-County Cooperation

There is a new highway sign up in the City of St. Louis on westbound I-44 just east of the Southwest Avenue exit. The sign directs drivers to "Historic Downtown Maplewood".

For years, there has been a similar sign at 44 and Elm about historic old town Webster Groves.

Southwest is one of the best streets in St. Louis, and now it's the preferred route to one of our region's coolest destinations! Congratulations to all who made this happen.


Matt M. said...

Nice! Is it a standard interstate sign or something more handmade?

Either way, great!

Rick Bonasch said...

It's standard highway department issue for historic interest signs: brown background with white lettering. It looks good and is very positive PR for our westerly neighbor :-)

Rachelle L'Ecuyer said...

The sign was installed by MoDOT. MoDOT takes care of all signage along the interstates; the installation had nothing to do with the City or County Governments.

Rachelle L'Ecuyer said...

And I should add: We Love It!