Saturday, August 06, 2005

Best Ribs

We've been to Bandana's and Phil's and some other St. Louis places. And over the years we've toured some of the familiar KC barbeque haunts. We've sampled 'Q down in Memphis, New Orleans, and Austin, Texas. They're all good places...but we just stumbled across a barbeque place in an unexpected neck of the woods that beats them all: "Bubba's" in Idaho Falls, ID.

Everything we had was outstanding. The meat on the ribs was the pinkest I've ever seen; a local ice cream, "Reed's" huckleberry, reminded us of Gelato from the Hill; and, when you're in Idaho and you're offered a baked potato as a side dish, you take it!

This little town, nestled in the southeast corner of Idaho in the Snake River Valley, is a mini-Metropolis, started during the Gold Rush of the mid-1800s, and survived to this day through the irrigation of farm fields thanks to the Snake River.

Now it's a burgeoning progressive community. Lots of arts, music, and (this is the west after all...). And it's the gateway to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.

Geologic remains of ancient volcanic activity dot the landscape, and apparently, they get more dramatic as you get closer to Yellowstone. Here's to hoping that giant caldera they've been talking about on the Discovery Channel doesn't awaken from its 600,000-year slumber in the next week or so...

Mystics predict that won't happen till around 2012, and who knows, maybe New Madrid will slip a few hundred feet by then.


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