Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Counting Heads

In the past three days, since traveling from the Grand Tetons through to Hot Springs, South Dakota (including Yellowstone), we've seen...

1 wolf
1 moose
1 fox/coyote?
1 bear
2 or 3 badgers,
3 pronghorn sheep
6 or 7 chipmunks,
dozens of elk
1,000-2,000 buffalo


...about 50,000 Harley or other motorcycle riders at the annual Sturgis Rally...


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PonyMommy said...

Now picturing the What I Did on My Summer Vacation essay.

Dad thought it would be cool to count buffalo. It's OK for a couple of minutes but gets old quick. We spent an hour inventorying buffalo. I will never again watch the Western Channel.

We saw a badger trying to mate with other badgers. It was funny to watch the other badgers trying to get away from him. Mom was more interested in a wolf. I was watching the badgers and she kept trying to get me interested in that darn wolf. It turned out to be a dog belonging to a family from Minnesota. They had stopped to fix a tire on their RV. There was a kid named Tyler. We talked about hockey.

Dad went wild when he saw a bear get on a motorcycle. I felt sorry for him when he realized it wasn't a bear, just a big, hairy guy.

We saw an elk urinating. It's not something you see everyday living in the city. I took some photos but they didn't come out very good because there was some Cheetos stuff smeared on the lens.

Every time we drove past roadkill or fast food trash, Dad claimed it was a chipmunk.