Friday, August 26, 2005

STL: Even our fog is friendlier....

Today on the morning news, the reporters were all talking about the heavy fog. KMOX hosts were reporting that from their perch on Memorial Drive, they couldn't even see the Arch. Little do they know how fortunate we are.

Out in California, especially their Central Valley, which is a veritable boomtown of new housing developments, they have serious fog. They call it "tule fog".

During their frequent tule fog episodes (nearly daily during many months of the year), the fog is so thick that drivers cannot distinguish their home from their neighbor's while driving down their own block. That is tf they can even make it home...

This is the land of the 100-car highway pileup. These horrible accidents are usually caused by white-out fog conditions. Cars are hurtling down the highway at 50-70 MPH, with sight distances of less than 100 feet.

When the accident starts, you can't see it...all you can do is hear it. And you have no way of knowing which way to turn to avoid being the next in a nightmare chain reaction car accident.

So, dear local reporters, keep on reporting about how heavy the fog is in St. Louis, but know that even when it comes to our fog, St. Louis is a pretty easy to manage place.

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