Monday, August 15, 2005

Joe Edwards Predicts Loop Trolley within 5 years

On KWMU today, Joe Edwards, owner of Blueberry Hill and the Pageant Theater, predicted that a new light rail system planned to connect the History Museum in Forest Park with the surging Delmar Loop arts, dining and entertaintainment district will open within five years.

Read here for more info about an upcoming trolley celebration in Forest Park.

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PonyMommy said...

$32 Million for a trolly line along routes served by Bi-State buses? Maybe that's not the case. Maybe there would be no duplication of services- one clean, dependable, fun, priced for tourists and one dirty, not dependable, not fun, priced for serfs- because Bi-State will dump the bus service along the routes and everyone will take the trolly. Sounds cool except for the part about the serfs having to ride a bus, transfer to a trolly, then transfer to a bus for the same ride now on one bus.