Wednesday, November 22, 2006

New STL Rising Feature: Town Talk of the Week

Thanksgiving is all about tradition, so it is appropriate that this week we will be starting a new tradition at STL Rising: Town Talk of the Week.

Nothing quite sums up life in St. Louis like the Suburban Journal's weekly "Town Talk" feature. Town Talk is a collection of anonymous reader comments phoned in to an answering machine and then chosen by Journal editors for publication in the paper's editorial section.

Whether comments about alleys, street cleaning, dumpsters, the mayor, neighbors, or various cultural traditions, Town Talk provides St. Louisans a unique opportunity to offer their true thoughts about life in our neighborhoods and city.

So, once a week, STL Rising will feature a Town Talk comment that especially reflects the unique nature of life in our city, as made by one of our neighbors.

For our first selection, we have chosen a comment entitled,

Senior glut

"I DON'T MEAN to be disrespectful to our seniors in the area, but when it came to voting day, as someone who has to be at work at 8, I get to the polls early. There is absolutely no reason in the world that they need to be in line when they have all day to vote and they tie it up for those of us who need to get on to work. So I would just like to ask them to be more conscientious to the working people. And it goes for those shopping on the weekend as well. Do your errands during the week when the rest of us are at work so that we've got the weekend to do our thing. The voting is really an important thing so leave that time for those of us that work."


DeBaliviere said...

That's one of the few Town Talk comments I actually agree with!

Claire Nowak-Boyd said...

NOTE TO SELF: When I turn 62, I must not leave my home before 9AM or after 5PM, so as to avoid being in the way or unsightly. It might be inconvenient or go against my preference, but at least I will make life easier for people with full time jobs, and ain’t that what life’s all about?

Seriously, this Town Talker needs to relax—being in busy places full of people is part of life in the City. Or, s/he could move to a depopulated part of North St. Louis. I voted at 5:45 pm last time and I barely had to stand in line five minutes. There is never a long wait at stores near my house (except Crown Candy at lunchtime), and there’s always a parking spot near my front door, and when I have my driving lessons I can go glacier-slow and weave all over the place because there are virtually no other drivers on the road. Not that I want it to stay this empty, but in the meantime it’s a good place for folks with limited patience for the presence of others (see above).

I do like this new feature of yours, though, Rick!

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