Wednesday, November 22, 2006

"Noodles" Coming To Hampton Village

In the ongoing quest to balance amenities available in the City of St. Louis with suburban neighbors, the City of St. Louis is landing the popular "Noodles" themed restaurant in Hampton Village. Noodles will be moving into the space of the B. Dalton's bookstore.

Pull quote from the Suburban Journal article:

Serafin (Noodles owner) said they wanted to locate in St. Louis Hills after visiting the neighborhood.

"When we got to St. Louis Hills we tried to do anything to find a location in that center. We don't have neighborhoods like that in Denver," he said.


Urban Review said...

The B. Dalton's is gone?

Anonymous said...

Is this place any good? I must say, I will miss the bookstore. But, there selection was quite limited.

Michael Allen said...

This raises an interesting question: Why are there not more of these cliche chain restaurants in the city, where we have greater income density than most parts of St. Louis County? At the least, should we not be seeing more Noodles, more Dunkin' Donuts, another Target, Trader Joe's, more Starbucks' and so forth? Why does the city seem to lose out on chains?

Maybe it's the sales tax rate.