Wednesday, November 08, 2006

STL Tough Love?

Is the old saying true?

"You're toughest on the ones you love."


Michael Allen said...

Rick, I just read that article and I am not sure that I can find the love in it. While I am no Democrat, and a frequent critic of the city Democratic Party, I found the article's points extremely distorted. Things really aren't so simple as the author tries to paint them. Besides, if the liberal Democrats really destroyed the city it's because no one else tried to stop them.

In general, I'm sick of narratives that pinpoint the city's woes on the people who have chosen to stay here. The city's major problem has been population loss, and many other problems are due to that problem. The blame should first go to those who left, but few pundits ever blame them.

Rick Bonasch said...


I'm with you. Reading that article was a little like listening to Rush Limbaugh-it's nice to understand how the other side thinks.

I'm not sure the guy loves STL either. More likely, the writer has a healthy dose of that frequently cited local characteristic: low self-esteem.