Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Bump: Statewide Eminent Domain Coalition Leader Comments on ED Petition

Ron Calzone, the the Chairman for the Missouri Citizens for Property Rights, commented on the STL Rising Eminent Domain petition thread. His comments are linked here:

STL Rising eminent domain petition thread

The website for the group is:


In his comment, Mr. Calzone discusses the concerns of residents living near problem properties.

Thanks to Mr. Calzone for contributing to this conversation.

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Anonymous said...

Some parts of the state have suffered major population losses and disinvestment. Patterns of real estate ownership reflect the distress of the community.

Such situations include areas where tax foreclosed, publicly owned, properties are intertwined with privately owned vacant lots. The result is a patchwork of publicly and privately owned real estate.

What appears to be vacant land ready for development may actually be an untenable situation with a myriad of both public and private property owners, unavailable for redevelopment.

If assembled, these sites might create opportunities for redevelopment. There may be community-based organizations pursuing grass roots efforts to redevelop these blocks.

Would this proposed law prevent the use of eminent domain to purchase privately owned, vacant lots for redevelopment in situations like the one described above?