Thursday, October 04, 2007

Delmar Loop Named one of Ten Best Streets

The revitalization of the Delmar Loop in UCity and the City of St. Louis is a good example of neighbors, developers, and government all working together.

The work has paid off. This year, the APA has named the Delmar Loop one of the nation's ten best streets. The links below show how some of the pieces have come together over the years.

Neighbors had a plan.

Private developers responded.

Local anchors stepped up.

Neighbors found partners in government.

Community organization provides a vehicle to leverage efforts.

Community development does work.


Howard said...

Here's a different take on the award. It mentions Steve and seems odd that he hasn't posted it yet over at Urban Review.

Urban Planners Give Award for Something They Had Nothing to Do With

Anonymous said...

You know, I think a light just came on for me. I never really understood what the term, "community development" meant. Now I think I do.

It's people and organizations from a variety of backgrounds all working together for a common cause.

That's different from just building houses or doing one rehab at a time.

Rick Bonasch said...

If you look at the links, there was a lot of community planning done for the revitalization of Delmar.

Howard said...

Exactly. Yet no one seems to be critiquing Show Me.

Anonymous said...

does anybody know of a good place to get the background of the Loop? I'm doin a paper on a Stl landmark place. Thx for the help!