Monday, July 25, 2005

Arch Beer Garden?

KMOX's Charlie Brennan has started a campaign to have an outdoor dining venue opened on the Arch grounds. One of our local restauranteurs might be tapped to operate the facility.

However, federal officials including the Arch superintendent, note that such uses are not allowed at national monuments.

Personally, I favor the idea. For comparison, if you've been to the Eifel Tower, are there similar outdoor food and drink places up close to its base?



Anonymous said...

NPS issues special event permits for food & beverage sales up to 14 consecutive days. That's why there are concessions at the Arch Grounds during VP Fair.

It appears that Aramark has the contract with NPS for permanent structure food/beverage and lodging services at national parks & monuments- including Ellis Island & Muir Woods.

Anonymous said...

The two restaurants at La Tour Eiffel are Altitude 95 (Floor 1) and Le Jules Verne (Floor 2).

As you can see, unlike Gateway Arch's Ozzie & Harriet horaires, the tower's lift operates till nearly midnight most of year.

Another treat you don't want to miss when visiting Paris is Les Egouts de Paris, sewer musée and the hour-long sewer tour located also in Ward 7 Paris.

Michael Allen said...

A beer garden or restaurant could be placed adjacent to the grounds on land not part of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. An excellent location would be directly east of Smith Park -- right where highway I-70 and Memorial Drive are located. Linking the Arch grounds to downtown through a bustling beer garden or vendor area would make for a much more interesting transition than landscaped park space.

Brent said...

One of the biggest hurdles to St. Louis riverfront development is the fact we turned the whole riverfront into a national park. That means no new developments are going to happen unless the federal goverment can be convinced to give up some of that space for commercial development. Good luck with that one.