Thursday, July 28, 2005

Downtown Famous will be a Macy's

Just announced. Good news for downtown.

No word on fate of Papa Fabarre's...



Claire Nowak-Boyd said...

I'm glad they're keeping the downtown store, cos I know they were planning to axe it until just recently.

But... they're keeping Marshall Field's named Marshall Fields in the Chicago Loop. I wish our city got to keep its historic local name for its big downtown store. I don't see the point of changing it to Macy's, esp. if Marshall Fields stays Marshall Fields.

I'm also unhappy that Federated (the new owners of Famous Barr; they bought out The May Company.) is going to be cutting lots of jobs in its center in Earth City. Two people I know who work for Federated there are going to get laid off in March as a part of the Federated buyout. Federated only just told them this, after months of changing dates and rumors.

Maybe I'll feel a little better if the "new" "Macy's" at least keeps having a local train club do the holiday train display in the corner window, as is tradition. But with their track record so far, I won't hold my breath.

(And hi, Rick. Congrats on the new blog!)

Paul said...

I wish it was still Famous-Barr, but I am extremely happy they are keeping the Downtwon store open.