Thursday, July 28, 2005

SLACO Organizes Neighborhood Leaders Roundtable

To reinforce the efforts of its annual Neighborhoods Conference, SLACO, the St. Louis Association of Community Organizations, is sponsoring the formation of a Neighborhood Leaders Roundtable.

A meeting of the Roundtable was held last night at the beautifully renovated Visitor's Center at Forest Park. Approximately 50 people attended from neighborhoods across St. Louis. The purpose of the Neighborhood Leaders Roundtable is to strengthen the efforts of neighborhood organizations, encourage neighborhood collaboration, and ultimately strengthen St. Louis communities.

SLACO plans to conduct quarterly meetings of the Neighborhood Leaders Roundtable. For more information, contact SLACO .


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Sharon Barnes said...

I also attended the SLACO roundtable discussions. The meeting was very informative and gave lots of ideas and POSITIVE input about the city of St. Louis. I love living here and am trying to be more involved in getting that message out to the rest of the area. Improving the quality of life for all city dwellers will definitely increase the recent upturn in urban living. I believe St. Louis has it all!