Friday, July 29, 2005

Living Good in the Neighborhood

When we first lived in St. Louis, from 1986-1989, we lived in an apartment out in West County near Olive and 270. We fell in love with St. Louis, but there were a lot of things we missed about our home state of California. Fresh fish, good Mexican and Asian foods, and sour dough bread were a few.

In 1989, a job offer from a real estate developer enticed us to return to California. Going against our better judgement (a side-by-side comparison showed St. Louis a better place to live than Northern California), we decided to accept the California offer.

Three years later, we were pregnant with our son Matt. We decided we wanted to raise him in St. Louis - the City. So, with Kerri 8 months pregnant, we moved back to St. Louis and purchased our first home, a 2-bedroom, story and a half bungalow in South City.

That was 12 years ago, and have things sure changed in St. Louis. Most of the things we missed most about California, especially things like fresh fish, ethnic restaurants, and hand crafted breads are now widely available here.

Best of all, now we're exporting our local brand of breads to California...


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