Saturday, July 23, 2005

Lawn warriors

Just finished mowing my sister's lawn down in near South County-Bella Villa to be exact. You know the place, it's the tiny municipality famous for the speed trap on Bayless between Lemay Ferry and I-55.

Man, do they have big lawns down there! You need an RV-sized mower on some of them. You could fit two or three city-sized homes just on the lawn area that separates my sister's house from her neighbors'.

Just think, when homes are built closer together, there's less lawn to mow, more people to do it, land is conserved, and less gas is sucked up into all those power mowers.

Maybe I've just gotten spoiled mowing our modest-sized city lawns all these years...


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Urban Review - St. Louis said...

To them having a big yard is living in the "country." They don't want to live on top of each other the way we do in the city. What is funny is how shallow some of the new suburban backyards can really be. They've got this huge wasted front yard so they often have little yard beyond a deck. They are much closer to their rear neighbor than most of us in the city.