Monday, January 16, 2006

Scene at Ramp Riders

Matt has been getting more into the BMX biking scene, so we've been spending lots of Friday nites lately with the skateboarders and acrobatic cyclists down at Ramp Riders at Salena and Gravois in the Benton Park neighborhood.

Given the warehouse setting, the management invites bands to perform in the space. The bands are loud, metal, and drawing a young, skater-friendly crowd. Most of the ones we've seen so far haven't been very good.

That all changed Friday nite. Not since seeing Tuck and Patti in the Berkeley Hills back in 1985, have I had such a "we saw you when" experience as we had watching Gage Love (guitarist extrordinaire) and the band he plays with, "Torch the Morgue".

Love learned music through song and trumpet and his college major was opera. He's only played guitar for five years, but he's as good as anyone I've seen. He's played with Torch the Morgue for about a year.

The setup at Ramp Riders wasn't the best. The promoter didn't have an adequate PA, so you really couldn't hear the singer. Torch the Morgue normally has two vocalists, but they only had one for this show.

Torch the Morgue comes to St. Louis from the Quad Cities area of Iowa/Northern Illinois, and has a built up a local following there. They were on a tour midwestern towns. This nite they would only make $9 apiece. These guys have a real shot to make a lot more.

Thinking back to that list of possible bands for St. Louis summer concerts...this'd be one that could get a much deserved break with a chance to play in front of a larger audience. I'd recommend them. Not for the baby stroller or 3-wheeled scooter crowd, but definitely a showcase of serious talent in the metal niche. We plan to see them again.

Gage Love's personal music project

"Torch the Morgue's" myspace site

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