Thursday, January 19, 2006

Urban Studio Presents D-I-Y Plaster Repair Course

Plaster is a beautiful wall and ceiling material found in most older city homes. However, the repair and installation of plaster is a dying art, and expensive to hire..

The Urban Studio, a nonprofit community resource center located next door to Crown Candy in the Old North St. Louis, is presenting a course to learn do-it-yourself plaster repair:

Learn How to Repair Your Own Plaster (and save thousands of dollars) with Master Plasterer, Eric Aulbach

For more information about the plaster class and the Urban Studio, please visit:

The Urban Studio Blog

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Irish Tony said...

Some plaster work is very specialized, especially when it comes to custom and European textures, color matching and patching. Even if you choose to do it yourself, it doesn't hurt to call an expert willing to give a free advice. Some don't charge more after you have made a mess.