Monday, January 09, 2006

Summertime Concert Series

Every year, the City of St. Louis and other sponsors offer free concerts downtown. One of the challenges in planning such events is signing the best possible mix of artists given the financial constraints.

Given that the concerts are planned for larger-sized audiences (5,000-15,000), which bands would you encourage promoters bring to St. Louis in 2006?


Michael M. said... had a similar question about acts for Fair St. Louis and Live on the Levee.

Anonymous said...

How about booking a comedian, say Al Franken?

Anonymous said...

That's a pretty long list that the mayor has assembled from suggestions.

Poor Missy.

It's not clear whether that list means that a lot of people will be unhappy that their bands weren't selected, or it means that somebody is going to happy no matter who Missy selects!

Anonymous said...

Hizzoner didnt'have Usher on his list.