Thursday, January 03, 2008

Highway 40 Perspective - Much Ado About Nothing?

If the Highway 40 shutdown turns out to be mostly a big non-event, St. Louisans will have firsthand proof that we live in a region with some of the lightest traffic conditions of any in the country. Close down a major highway, and hardly feel it?

We'll know on Monday. Change can be a good thing!


stlmark said...

Rick, I couldn't agree with you more. So far, my commute from So. City to Chesterfield has been hassle free. It's actually a nice change of pace, more relaxing than the interstate. Anyhow, can you imagine how this kind of shutdown would affect LA or Boston?

GMichaud said...

If you are sitting in traffic all of the reporters in the world saying everything is okay means nothing. Nevertheless it seems to have gone smoothly to this point and that's great.
My real concern is the overall transportation decision making process. The highway 40/64 project started with public input asking what is the best route for the highway to take. There was no discussion about whether it was is best way to spend limited resources.
I agree change is good, the problem is we in America are not making the correct changes, or even debating about those changes.
It is not surprising that Barack Obama has gained a foothold. I think many Americans realize we are squandering our future.