Monday, January 07, 2008

Winter 1/2 Over: Annual Mid-Season Rites Passed

First: Registration forms for spring baseball signups arrived in the mail last week; competitive programs begin winter baseball workouts.

Second: The firewood guy from Southeast Missouri made his mid-winter deliveries to St. Louis. By the time the replenished wood pile is nearly gone, the zoysia should be starting to turn green.

Postscript: Are we St. Louisans lightweights or what? There's a front desk on the ground floor of our building. Everyone entering or exiting the building passes through the revolving doors, and by this desk on the way to the elevators. On this mid-January day, it's about 60 degrees with a strong breeze. "Brrr" the lady at the front desk said to me as she felt the breeze come into the building. "I don't like the cold."

Don't like the cold? If St. Louisans can complain about 60 degree temps in January, well, ya gotta know that this town has some high comfort standards....

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