Monday, January 21, 2008

Your neighborhood's voice

In our neighborhood city, we have a wide range of neighborhood types. Populations, businesses, and housing patterns all vary. What direction is your neighborhood headed, and is there a public voice communicating that message? In some neighborhoods, that voice calls for historic preservation and increasing small businesses activity.

In other neighborhoods, the call is for new housing and infrastructure development. In some neighborhoods, the area has been working for years to find its voice. In other places, it may be hard to hear or find the voice of the community.

Is it possible for there to be more than one voice? Can you think of situations like that? What about the quieter places, those where the voice is harder to hear?

What about your neighborhood? Do you think you know the voice of the community? Do you think it has one? How would you describe it? Is your own voice a part of it?

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Anonymous said...

My neighborhood is St Louis Place in the 5th ward. For years we have demanded homes and business of Alderwoman April Ford-Griffin has not happened (with the exception of a plan to move the neighborhood furthernorth to makeway for a golf course in 2000). Now we are in the misdt of a land grab by Paul Mckee. So there are still residents here that want the same things that we have wanted homes and businesses. It is hard to get those things when Mckee and his friends have been lining Ford-Griffin's and Rodney Hubbard's pockets with their dirty Republican Money.