Thursday, January 03, 2008

Repurposing the dead Kenrick Cine site

With the closing of the Kenrick Cine, a nice-sized parcel of ground has become available for reuse. Metrolink is close by, the city limits are a few minutes away, home values in the area are strong, and the site is generally central in terms of its regional location.

The building appears to be in good shape, so it could be reused. Or, it could be demolished, with new construction in its place. What future use or uses do you think would best serve the community?

One option to consider would be residential development. More rooftops in the area would support the retail uses all around the site. Affordable housing is another alternative, or perhaps a mixed income development?

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Anonymous said...

I'm seeing a drive-thru, pick-your-religion, church mall.

Use one theater for Mormons, another for Catholics, one for Baptists, another a Jewish Synagogue, and lastly a Islamic Mosque.

Maybe it would be a first? Think of it as a variation on the food court concept.