Friday, January 25, 2008

Top Ten STL Historic Sites

What would you include? Here's my list:

1) Cahokia Mounds
2) Eads Bridge
3) Grant's Cabin
4) Jefferson Barracks
5) the Arch (not the grounds)
6) Clemens House
7) DeMenil House
8) Cambell House
9) Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet Convent Church and Reliquary
10) Lafayatte Square or Soulard neighborhoods-tossup


bomle said...

My top ten:
1.)The Old Cathedral
2.)Anheuser-Busch's clock tower building (the brewhouse?)
3.)The Old Courthouse
4.)The Wainwright building
5.)Union Station (the mall is terrible, but the building and its history - beautiful)
6.)Soulard Market
8.)the Landing (imagine all those steamboats docked there ...)
9.)Firmin Desloge hospital building (it's hidden behind an odd walled garden and ugly additions, but what a neat building)
10.)City Hospital (thank GOD they finally did something with that building, it was such an eyesore for so long. Too bad the metal cupolas were stolen)

Anonymous said...

Cahokia sites including the vertically timbered (Holy Family?) church and the ancient french-styled St. Clair County Court House.

What/where is the Firmin Desloge hospital?

GMichaud said...

If you just consider historic sites and not necessarily architectural significance there is also Bevo Mill, and Steins row or other old stone buildings, some, if not many probably built before brick was available. (humble, but probably very early buildings), there is also buildings at the Botanical Gardens and many other buildings that St. Louis would be less of a city if they were gone.
Of course the top ten pretty well knocks out anything of historic interest that doesn't involve mansions or major public monuments.
Although some of these, such as the Campbell House and Demenil House are significant simply because they are still standing, not that they are significant in their own right. In other words they represent other buildings long gone, especially the Campbell House.
The Eugene Field House, the Broadway Oyster Bar and warehouse buildings to the East of these buildings also fall into that category.
The Clemens house is significant, but may not be for much longer if the city doesn't kick Blairmont and Paul McKee out of the way. The Clemens house was in use just a few years ago and now looks to be in terrible condition. The city is derelict in it's duty if it does not act.

Anonymous said...

The mayor's personal office in City Hall is cool. The city ought to hire it out for movie productions, or at least do a video of the space on Youtube so everyone could see it. Are tours available?

Anonymous said...

Old Cathedral
Old Courthouse
Cupples warehouses
Union Station
Anheuser Busch Brewery
Continental Building
Eads Bridge
Convent of the Sisters of St. Joe
Shaw’s wall at the Missouri Botanical Garden
Bellefontaine Cemetery

Anonymous said...

Do any of you people go NORTH OF DELMAR What a JOKE! The north side of St. Louis has an abundance of Historic housing stock. Look outside of the boundaries of South St. Louis! You all are missing out.