Tuesday, February 28, 2006

"It's Not Over...

'til we say it's over!!"

Nottingham Community Center proponent gives update on the effort's current status.

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Anonymous said...

Too much of a Catch-22:

The School Board can't consider a bid unless it has formal financial backing.

The proponents can't make an offer for Nottingham unless the voters enact a CID or other tax district.

Voters won't enact a tax district unless knowing for sure that Nottingham is feasible.

But again, the School Board (start over at top)...

Yet despite all these chicken-or-egg pieces, the School Board may never rule Nottingham as surplus property, and even if it did, multiple bids from even private residential developers would have to be entertained. As such, the CID could easily be outbid or exhaust all its added taxes on just acquiring property, leaving little for construction of a superior facility.

Sorry, but the Nottingham Community Center project is D.O.A.!