Monday, February 20, 2006

STL Rising---Not Just Buildings

In North St. Louis, near the intersection of North Kingshighway and Hwy 70, for years a bike racing track sat overgrown with weeds.

Now, the track looks like new again.

For more information, check out the website for the Missouri Bicycle Racers Association.


Michael Allen said...

I haven't used the velodrome yet, but I am excited that it was restored. How many cities have a velodrome anyway? This is a great thing to have and St. Louis should let the world know about it.

Anonymous said...

The City needs to fix the RR bridge at Euclid, as this could be the safer way to access Penrose, otherwise surrounded by bustling North Kingshighway and I-70.

Anonymous said...

There are around 20 velodromes in the US. I live pretty close to the Trexlertown, PA, velodrome ( ) about an hour north of Philadelphia.
There is only one indoor velodrome that I am aware of in the US, that's near Los Angeles, and it's pretty new.

This is a link to a site with a list:
but it's NOT up to date as it lists the Frisco (TX, north of Dallas) Velodrome as the newest, and I am almost certain the indoor track in LA is newer. is also great resource for worldwide velodrome info.

Get a bike, get on the track! It's a great sport for spectators and participants.