Saturday, February 04, 2006

Marketplace Snapshot

St. Louis neighborhoods are a diverse marketplace. There are many submarkets of people who make the city their residential destination of choice.

Given the diverse nature of city residents, what would you say are the leading household submarkets choosing city living?

Here's a start-

Empty nesters choosing downtown lofts

First time homebuyers seeking affordable housing

Bosnians moving into Little Bosna

Middle class African Americans wanting to move back to their old city neighborhoods

Catholic families with kids


There are lots more. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Middle Class African Americans wanting to move back to their old neighborhoods-but in a new house.

Somalians rehabbing in Dutchtown.

South Grandenistas/KDHX hipsters

White, Metropolis Southamptoners

Religious, social justice seeking, whites moving to north city.

Michael Allen said...

The working poor.

Anonymous said...

Central West End sophisticates

City democratic machine huggers

Anonymous said...

If I'm truly working class, own an auto, and don't need any social services, I'd likely be better off in the County, where I'd be closer to jobs, get more square footage for my money, and have better public schools for my children. And hence, this is why the City continues down the path as a place of haves (childless or affluent households) and have-nots (low-wage earners and unemployed).