Wednesday, February 22, 2006

More than Balls and Strikes

Spring training and baseball are about belief in the possible. Possibilities and STL come together in a new downtown ballpark.


Claire Nowak-Boyd said...

My reaction to that photo was admittedly less positive. The first thing I thought was "Looks like someone moved the new stadium, the Arch, and the Milennium Hotel to the area just north of the Chicago Loop!"

I am rather suspicious of that style of teal glassed tall buildings, myself. They have been going up a dozen at a time in Chicago for several years now, and.... I don't know, they're just ugly, is all. Every time I look at one, I think "The decision makers must have gotten caught up in how nice the architect's sketches looked, without really trying hard to think about how all that would look in real life."

The Chicago Reader did a great feature in which they compared new condo towers (like those) in Chicago with the city's most infamous housing projects, using side-by-side photos. I have to say, the resemblance was uncanny.

Anonymous said...

Claire is right. Those are pretty ugly. Fortunately, they are placeholders. The architects for the first tower have not released a rendering.

Anonymous said...

uh..i do not think they are ugly at all. Actually they are quite appealing to me. They are sleek and modern. I can understand how some people might not like them too much but to compare them to Housing Projects is ludacris!