Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Can-do attitude

In the early part of the last century, St. Louis was growing rapidly. Lots of buildings were going up and streets were being widened. In downtown Dutchtown, property values were increasing and the area was thriving with activity.

One block south of Meremac, off an L-shaped alley on the west side of Virginia, there's a relic from those busy times. A family operated a tin shop up on Meramec.

For some reason, I believe connected to the growth of the area, the shop owners decided to move their business, building and all, a block south and to the rear of a lot, to be then accessed from the alley. Today, you can find the historic building in its relocated setting, most of its original features intact..

The image above is the former rear of the building, converted to an entrance, now facing the alley. The image below is the former front of the building, now in the rear yard of another property.

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Matt M. said...

Very cool!

Any idea when it dates to?