Monday, March 08, 2010

Eiler view

STL Rising isn't the most tech savvy blog around. In fact, it's probably one of the least. So we are just now figuring out how to upload pictures from an old camera phone to the internet.

At the end of last week, a commenter on the River City post requested pics of the cool views we found there. So, the team here at STL Rising did some homework over the weekend and we are now able to provide our readers with visuals. Not great mind you. We will work to do better. These things take time...

With our new found, low-tech, photo capability, STL Rising has a long backlog of city landscapes to bring to readers. Stay tuned for a wide range of scenes from across St. Louis to appear at this site in the days and weeks ahead.

We begin at one of the many historic blocks in South St. Louis, featuring one of the city's finest examples of "bakery brick" masonry construction. It's a block where, before the age of texting, no doubt countless numbers of school-aged children communicated through open windows via tin cans and string across the street and over parked cars: the 600 block of Eiler. The twin steeples of St. Cecelia's Church can be seen through the bare trees at the end of the block.

Apologies in advance for the grainy image. And the reverse view. The staff is all-volunteer and still in training. Poor as the image quality may be, we have also updated the River City post below to show one of the old relics from the shipping industry days along the Mississippi River at Lemay, Missouri.

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